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UBIDEV's technological intelligence spans several platforms, languages and databases. As a leading IT solutions provider, our technical skill set is ever up-to-date, comprising of the latest and the quintessential.

With the industry growing rapidly, technologies grow stale in course of time and are even dished out of the IT arena in a matter of years. This is why UBIDEV adopts a strategic approach to keep abreast of the latest and in-demand technologies of the industry. We shift to futuristic, next-gen innovations and trends as readily as we update ourselves on prevalent architectures and platforms.

Though our skill set covers a large spectrum of technologies, we primarily operate in Java, PHP (LAMP), and mobile technologies such as Android and IPhone.

Our application development and web development services border on technologies like Java, J2EE, JSF, EJB, Web services, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.

UBIDEV believes in being able to provide multiple technical experts under one single roof, for which it continuously invests in talented pool from across the globe and retain an edge in many technical domains listed in bottom menu.