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Quality Assurance Testing

The reliability and quality of your software products is essential to the success of your business.

With a wealth of experience and an industry-leading suite of tools at our disposal, our testing experts excel at identifying bugs before they derail your schedule or budget. Our dedicated offshore development includes a wide range of comprehensive testing methods and tools to ensure that we deliver the highest quality solutions. Our offshore software testing services cross a wide range of product and technology domains, resulting in a comprehensive set of services that provide end-to-end coverage.

Unlike other software development companies that conduct product testing at the completion of development, UBIDEV integrates quality assurance and testing throughout our entire development process. We understand that a single defect, left undetected, could cost you time and money, which affects your business, your customers’ production and your market reputation.

Our world-class quality assessment experts follow our proven approach, and utilize various quality assessment automation tools to ensure unmatched software quality for our clients.

Our comprehensive QA and testing services include:

Functional Testing for all types of software implies ensuring that your software and all its components function correctly and conform to the requirements, business processes, and the overall software business logic. Our specialists use a combination of manual and automated tests.

Testing Automation allows reducing the personnel and time for testing, extending the test coverage and depth within the same budget, and, in this way, reducing the product time-to-market. Along with producing automated tests UBIDEV pays a great deal of attention to the return on investment gained with automation, and to the proper integration of testing automation into existing SQA processes.

Usability and User Interface Testing are used to improve the end users’ experience with your software, make their work easier and clearer to understand. This increases the total software efficiency, attracting more users, and creating better marketing. Usability is appraised by both real users and expert evaluation to find ways to improve your software, and to resolve its potential use problems and bottlenecks before they arise.

Compatibility Testing is conducted to determine if your software is compatible with different computing environments-different combinations of various operating systems, browsers, other software, and hardware platforms. In this way, this service leads to wider use and better marketing of your software.

Performance and Stress Testing is targeted at performance improvement, and is used to check the performance and stability of your software under simulated conditions very close to the real operating conditions. Combinations of various specialized tests are used to determine the stability of the software, both under normal operating conditions and beyond the normal operational capacity, often to a breaking point.

Security Testing offers a range of methods to ensure that your software provides reliable user and system security and protects users from theft or loss of their private and sensitive data and from any intrusions. The service can have variable coverage to test all of the required security aspects.